Smart furniture that's streets ahead.

Introducing yStop smart furniture, combining stylish design with advanced technology to improve efficiency and enhance community engagement in public spaces.

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Add style and connectivity with new yStop smart furniture.

yStop - Smart New yCover
yStop - Smart New yCover
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yStop - Smart New yPod
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yStop - Smart New ySit

Add the latest technology to your yStop smart furniture for community engagement and productivity


Keep the local community engaged and up to date with the latest news and information via yStop’s ingenious Dwell technology. When added to your smart furniture, Dwell allows you to share stories, improve health awareness, provide event details, advertise local offers and promote your app.

Micro Donations

With our society becoming increasingly cashless, you can help local charities and not-for-profit organisations raise much needed funds by adding the yStop Micro Donation platform to your smart furniture. This innovative technology enables people to make secure donations simply by tapping their smart phones.

Light & Sound

When the sun goes down, ramp up the connectivity of your smart furniture with the yStop Light & Sound technology. With captivating sequencing and synchronisation options, you can promote events, improve safety and enhance accessibility across your network.


Turn your smart furniture into an effective way finding network without the need for an internet connection. The clever yStop Way platform uses the latest beacon technology to help people easily navigate an area and take advantage of special on-the-spot retail offers. It’s perfect for engaging locals, guiding tourists and assisting the visually impaired.

Enviro Sensors

yStop Enviro Sensors measure and report important environmental information at street level via your smart furniture. This allows you to improve health awareness by displaying the current UV rating, pollen count, temperature reading, air quality and emissions levels.

Waste Management

Save time and money by only emptying bins that are almost full. yStop Waste Sensors use cutting-edge technology to measure rubbish levels and alert you when bins need emptying. But that’s not all. yStop Waste Sensors are so advanced, they also measure and report air quality, UV levels, tilt angle and fire.

Parking Sensors

By connecting to free LoRa communication technology, yStop Parking Sensors use your smart furniture to monitor and display available parking spaces. yStop Parking Sensors can also share space availability via digital signage and provide data to assist with planning new parking zones.


Monitor your smart furniture from anywhere on any device with the yStop Dashboard. This easy-to-use online asset management interface analyses data in real time and provides sensor levels, alerts, route mapping and maintenance reports with before and after images. yStop Dashboard also incorporates predictive analytics software to help you manage your workforce and respond as conditions change.

With yStop smart furniture, you can build an interactive network across cities, districts, precincts, parks and specific areas.

Build a network across a

  city district precinct town centre park urban village shopping centre showground airport zoo specific area

and control it remotely.

Use your network for

  waste management wayfinding local offers promoting events sharing stories health awareness monitoring air quality doing good micro donations managing parking

Improve effciency with the yStop Waste Management System.

The innovative yStop Waste Management System is designed to improve your team’s effciency by syncing real-time sensor data with the yStop Dashboard, which can be accessed anywhere on any device. Your team can remotely monitor waste levels in every bin and follow time-saving route maps that use predictive analytics software to automatically update as conditions change.

yStop - Waste Sensing yStop - Route Mapping yStop - Maintenance

Why stop to empty bins that aren’t full?


Increase in savings

yStop - Our Purpose

Connect, engage and share with yStop.

To create vibrant and thriving communities, we need to connect and engage with local residents, retailers and business owners in meaningful ways. But it’s also important to share our resources and help not-for-proft organisations make a difference in people’s lives. That’s why yStop donates 25% to 100% of its advertising space to promote community-based initiatives.

Get started for free

After reading about the amazing things you can achieve with yStop smart furniture, you might be thinking, "How much is all this whiz-bang technology going to cost?"

The good news is you can get started for free by signing up to our Shared Value Plan, which provides you with free smart furniture, free enviro sensors, free data collection, free dashboard, free upgrades, free support and free maintenance. Plus, you will also receive free advertising space to promote local community events and initiatives.

Or if you prefer, you can purchase yStop smart furniture outright and pay a low on-going fee for data collection, dashboard, support and maintenance. To find out more about our affordable pricing plans and purchasing options, contact us today.

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