Waste Innovation Comes to Casey

Sustainability technology companies Matter and yStop are pleased to announce the signing of a commercial contract with the City of Casey in Victoria.

The contract will give the City of Casey smart waste sensors and solar bin surrounds, with real-time data and software. Installing Australia’s most advanced waste system that will help improve waste collection efficiencies, lower costs and reduce litter across key public spaces. 

Data collected – including bin volumes, collection times and days, fill levels and estimated CO2– will initially be used to improve waste collection rosters and routes, and reduce costs. 

The contract will also help the Council meet its commitments to proactive litter management as part of the Rethink Your Waste Strategy 2016-2022, while aligning with their Smart City Strategy 2017-2021. 

City of Casey Sustainability and Waste Manager, Michael Jansen, said the Council had used remote sensing technology to achieve efficiencies in environmental monitoring on closed landfills for some time now. 

“Casey is excited about partnering with the team at Matter. Their technology will further support our innovative practices and enhance our litter bin service within the community,

Good quality data will provide Council and our collection contractor, Haulaway with greater insights into what is happening in the community. This will allow us to plan more efficient collection schedules, respond more effectively and be proactive to ensure delivery of a high quality and cost-effective service.”

Mr Jansen

Matter and yStop are award-winning sustainability tech companies that empower people and communities to track, manage and reduce their waste footprint. Their patented smart sensors and user Apps are the first to be small and economical enough to be rolled out at scale. 

Along with Councils and businesses across Australia – and on the backdrop of a global waste crisis – Matter and yStop are on a bold mission to supply all spaces (public and residential) with their technology and user Apps by 2025, enabling councils for the first time to offer the incentive schemes required to drive consumer waste reduction.

For further information on our smart sensing bin surrounds, please view the ‘Ray’ and ‘Pulse’ on our Products page or contact our partner Matter in regard to waste sensors.

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