Sense of Place Activations

Showcase the best of your city in all its diversity. Now the world’s first whole-of-system platform with city-wide activations that connect your community in new ways.

Our Activations

A Sense of…

Activation Platform

How do people experience your city? What ‘sense of’ place remains when they’ve gone?
Now – a completely re-imagined framing of your place – using technology and design to
showcase the best of your city. City-wide activations that create lasting memories.

Sense of Wonder

Light and Sound Sequencing

Amazing patented light sequencing and synchronisation options for city-wide event activations and educational opportunities.

  • Event activations
  • Single place activations
  • Enhanced street safety
  • Enhanced accessibility

Especially great for light festivals and special event sequencing. Get in touch to discover more about interactive options.

Sense of Control

I’ll Take The Short Way Today

Free yourself and do things more simply. Our waste technology will allow you the freedom to decide the route you take and the best times to stop. You simply empty only bins that are your version of full: saving time, money and frustration (and that of fellow drivers).

Pulse also measures and reports: air quality, UV levels, tilt angle and fire. A system that not only results in fewer traffic hold-ups and lower vehicle emissions but that also senses other vehicle emissions.

A whole-of-city approach that gives you back control.

Sense of Safety

Citywide Emergency Notification

The world’s first whole-of-system platform that can be used to warn of road closures and, in emergency’s, display city-wide alerts using a unique combination of e-Ink (solar powered) panels and computer vision analytics.

Awareness that ultimately leads to action and a safer city.

Watch this space, more coming soon.

Sense of Well Being

City Pollution Wayfinding

yStop sensors measure and report street-level environmental information. Important readings such as diesel emissions taken at child-height – where the most vulnerable members of any community live. This improves health awareness – for everyone. Other important measurements include UV ratings, pollen count and temperature.

Awareness is the first stage ultimately leading to systems for better city pollution wayfinding.

Sense of Pride

Promote the Best of your City

A new community approach. yStop has pioneered a new ‘shared value’ showcase for CBD creative and purpose campaigns. This is focussed on sponsored events and purpose campaigns, rather than advertising, and is designed to add vibrancy and create mainstreet awareness.

A FairShare approach allows for permanent shared space and valuable public awareness for NFP’s and Councils – without cost. A better use of otherwise unaffordable space for city events and charities that also supports local business. Everyone benefits.

All of our Connectors range has this shared approach providing permanent community space. Designed to enhance awareness and bring pride to place.

Sense of Belonging

Inclusive Network

How do you create a city with better access for all?

yStop has developed the world’s most inclusive street platform.

Meet, for example, combines good design and ‘good’ tech that gives people with disabilities greater confidence and freedom and somewhere to meet. Meet brings together, for the first time, a complement of inclusive technologies that help make footpaths and public spaces safer, more accessible and welcoming – designed for all those who find everyday movement challenging.

Check out our ‘Melbourne Meets’ project for more info.