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Solar Glass

New Advanced Solar Power Tech

ClearVue is at the forefront of advanced glazing with patented nano technology that generates electricity from a flat sheet of glass while maintaining transparency.

ClearVue’s activated interlayers is sandwiched between two panes of glass. Through the combination of special compound materials, the interlayer prevents heat and unwanted solar radiation (UV or Infrared) from penetrating the glass pane. This energy is then redirected to the edge of the glass for controlled distribution and harvesting through conventional PV solar cells, whilst allowing the natural visible wavelength light to pass through largely unaltered.

Available 2019

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Bot Service

Simple and Fun

The front end of our maintenance ‘Fi’ encourages community reports.
It’s very simple (and fun) to use — with instructions on site that lead with prompts.

The bot engages through Facebook’s popular Messenger app. It connects directly with Dashboard via anyone’s smartphone, for the ultimate real-time maintenance reporting. There is also phone/text number at each site.

Available late 2018

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The Amazing Slider

Eye Catching Innovation

The latest in OOH media. Colour, movement and incredible campaign integrations. For the most incredible activations indoor and out.

  • Amazing space integrations
  • Donation platform
  • Campaign innovation
  • Environmental barometer
  • Local science school integrations
  • Bar-Raising Awareness.

Available mid-2018

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Safer, Hands-free Waste Management

In the current state of the world, cleanliness – including upholding high standards of hygiene and reducing the risk of infection – is at the forefront of government strategy and operation.

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New Tech Offers Clearer, Easier-to-read Ads

New opaque signs with a semi-transparent viewing strip make shelter advertising easier to read without compromising on bus stop patron visibility.

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Waste Innovation Comes to Casey

Sustainability technology companies Matter and yStop are pleased to announce the signing of a commercial contract with the City of Casey in Victoria.

The contract will give the City of Casey real-time data and software as well as Australia’s most advanced waste system that will help improve waste collection efficiencies, lower costs and reduce litter across key public spaces.

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Amazing Research Outcome from Mohamed Ali’s PhD Project

Mohamed Ali completed 2 years of foundational research with Murdoch University.

He is now based in Melbourne and works for yStop together  with Dr Giles Oatley from Federation University. Both Dr Giles Oatley and Mohamed are available for all research and development work that the City of Casey would like to undertake. Mohamed’s area of study relates to smart cities with particular expertise in co-located crowd measurement/waste sensor configurations.

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The Latest What3words Developments

There are two new exciting tech developments that have just been released through what3words, the navigation technology that we use to locate our street furniture.

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What3words is Buzzing

Look what has just been featured on QI over the weekend, it’s what3words the system we are currently using to map our smart furniture locations.

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Smart + Heart. How Do You Connect a Community With Bins?

It’s about waste – sort of… 25 shiny new ‘Pulse’ smart bins have now been tested and are ready to go for the Town of Mosman Park. They’re smart –

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Community Smart Bins Are Rolling Out in Mosman Park

Australia’s first ‘smart’ community medium is being introduced to the streets of Mosman Park. ‘Pulse’ uses a world-first approach to the smart city, combining community engagement with cleantech. Pulse combines

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How to Win an Ultramarathon?

We posted earlier in the year about Caversham local, Shane Johnston undertaking the challenge of running 1000kms of the Bibbulmun Track in 10 days. Well now he has gone and

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Town Team Conference Overview

The Town Teams Conference at the end of last week was a big hit! There’s a buzz around smart furniture presently and our solar smart bin ‘Pulse’ was getting a

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Gearing up for the Town Team Movement Conference

We are excited to showcase some of our latest smart furniture and activations at the upcoming Town Team Movement Conference. The conference is an action packed two day event, full

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Celebrating Naidoc Week with a Greater Understanding

Noongar language and culture are now easily accessible through a great free online course. The online course is currently available to teach Noongar language, cultural knowledge on bush tucker and

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The Difference Between STEM and STEAM

Educators feel that there is now a great need for integration of the concepts of STEM with the broader arts curriculum of STEAM. Future employees will need to have a

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Be Inspired – Bibbulmun – 1000kms in 10 days

BeInspired was founded with the goal of giving disadvantaged kids in WA access to much-needed exercise physiology.

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School Program (STEAM)

We are passionate about integrating Real-World IoT and STEAM into students’ everyday experiences at school. We are all about connection, linking sensors to learning spaces and making connections in the community

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DDA Seat for Access and Inclusion is Extremely Good for Business

Disability is common in Australia, but often invisible. Nearly 10 per cent of the workforce has some form of disability, with 32 per cent of employees with disability working as

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Hello Lamp Post

Hello Lamp Post is a playful platform, inviting people to strike up conversations with familiar street furniture using…

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