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We create the world’s most inclusive street platforms. Our designs are for everyone – adaptive, generous, functional and thoughtful.

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Our Story

A ‘Sense of Place’ – where it began

Pittsburgh was the catalyst. In the taxi through the city the driver explained the enormous transformation of the once mega-steel hub. During the war he grandly announced Pittsburgh ‘produced more steel than Japan and Germany combined’. Today there was only a ‘sense of’ a steel industry. What Pittsburgh had become was vastly different to its industrial-age self.

No longer regarded as a ‘steel’ city Pittsburgh is now many things – including being regarded as one of America’s most livable cities. As a visitor I could only see the surface of this transformation but what I was left with has stayed with me in the years since that visit in 2009.

North America’s largest vertical green wall, street’s with ‘windmill’ stories, footpath history apps – all backed by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust who were enabling this renaissance and telling the big story with the principal aim of ‘restoring downtown Pittsburgh as a vibrant cultural destination’. Pop-ups filled once empty shop-fronts and the bars and spaces of this town were alive. A reimagined city soon became home to large scale medical research pioneers with university students and start-up companies soon filling spaces and re-vitalising what could have been another rust-belt casualty.

Our Services

Furniture That ‘Match-Makes’

Our designs are styled to meet your precinct or space. But go deeper. Connect your local business with local charity – and then make visible your community’s best efforts.

Our Recommender website brings people, new ideas and good causes together. Our street activation technology brings a whole new experience to city and suburb. Your important places and stories will be alive like never before.

Our system does all of this – for the first time anywhere – permanently.

Our Approach

A World-first Approach to Connect Communities

yStop ‘Connectors’ combine modular design, advanced reporting systems and after-care maintenance at no cost to your community. Meanwhile our patented smart sensors provide monitoring and local awareness for a healthier community. The system compares environmental data, shares citywide information and promotes community evnts. Our unique approach provides a platform for councils to engage directly with community through better use of space. A whole-of-city approach that is about economic and environmental sustainability, resilience, safety and universal accessibility.

Helping you do more

Community Connectors

We dedicate permanent space to local charity and council events to raise awareness –
and make a difference – in your community. Our Recommender system makes this easy
suggesting matches for local business such as:

Be Inspired Foundation

Providing the opportunity for disadvantaged youth in WA with long term impairments to improve their quality of life.

Donor Mate

Raising awareness about organ donation and encouraging more people to register to become donors.


Works hard to assist people in need and combat social injustice across Australia.

Perth Projects

A new initiative bringing government, business and community projects together.

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