Hi, we’re yStop

We are Australian owned and operated, providing stylish, yet functional infrastructure that enhances public spaces.

Our company

We’ve partnered with local government and businesses for almost 20 years.

We do this by designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining street furniture including seats, bus shelters and bins. Operating across Western Australia and Victoria, we manage almost 2,500 advertising sites across more than 70 suburbs on behalf of local government areas including the City of Canning, City of Stirling, City of Joondalup, Town of Mosman Park (Perth) and the City of Casey (Melbourne).

Delivering solutions to local government at no cost, our business model is funded by local businesses who advertise on our street furniture assets. This in turn helps us to maintain clean and tidy public spaces, support the local economy and connect people to services in their area.

We also dedicate permanent space to charities and provide a platform for our local government clients to raise awareness about their messages and services. When you choose yStop you’re not just making an investment in your local government or business – you’re also investing in the community.

Our story

A world-first approach to connect communities

In the mid-2000s, a young-at-heart Melbournite named Len Luxford traversed the globe seeking adventure. Arriving in Pittsburgh, he learnt the city that once produced more steel during the war than Japan and Germany combined was now a thriving, cultural hub. In fact, it often ranked highly as one of the United States’ most liveable cities – and it was easy to see why.

Vastly different to its industrial-age self, Pittsburgh has since shed its smoky reputation to become one of the most tech-savvy cities in the world. It’s a globally advanced innovator of green energy, and even Apple, Google and Uber have set up tech camps there. Recent investments have yielded new housing and recreational opportunities, the cost of living is reasonable, it’s bicycle-friendly and craft breweries are on the rise.

Aware of the power of well-designed public spaces and fuelled with a desire to bring the same sense of liveability and functionality to his own city, Len – now based in Perth – leveraged the power of technology, urban infrastructure, innovation and community to create what is now known as yStop.


Our founder

Managing director Len Luxford doesn’t think of himself as a story-teller, but those who know him think the description apt

A born networker and lover of football, the Saints supporter migrated from Melbourne to Perth in the 1983 and has never looked back.

Len has 20 years’ industry experience as the founding director of BenchAD WA Pty Ltd (2000) and more recently Global Smart Cities trading as yStop (2016). A big-vision thinker, he’s passionate about the tech industry particularly the waste management sector. He is the co-founder of award-winning sustainability start-up up Matter that empowers communities to track, manage and reduce their waste footprint with patented smart sensors and user apps.

He lives with his family including two young children beachside in Perth’s northern suburbs. Connect with Len on LinkedIn here.


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Helping you do more

Community Connectors

We dedicate permanent space to local charity and council events to raise awareness – and make a difference – in your community. Our Recommender system makes this easy suggesting matches for local business such as:

Be Inspired Foundation

Providing the opportunity for disadvantaged youth in WA with long term impairments to improve their quality of life.

Donor Mate

Raising awareness about organ donation and encouraging more people to register to become donors.


Works hard to assist people in need and combat social injustice across Australia.

Perth Projects

A new initiative bringing government, business and community projects together.