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yStop smart furniture brings style & heart – human-first design – to your public space.

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Our Connections

An impressive list of future minded local/international clients and suppliers
are combining to create some amazing collaborations.

“Donor Mate's general manager, Jo Muir, made mention about seeing your Donor Mate advertising along Albany Highway. She was very impressed.”
Peter Grainger,

Donor Mate

“Fantastic to see the new yStop street-side park benches being installed around my local City of Joondalup. As well as being functional they are environmentally friendly too.”
Dr Darren Webb,

Founder and Director,
Webble Guys

“Thank you so much! I shared my new seat photo on my work page yesterday and so many people have stated that they’ve seen it and loved it.”
Lisa Barham,

Property Partner,
The Agency

“If you aren’t starting your weekend excited to see a bus stop, then you need to reassess! Great work Len Luxford and team.”
Natasha Wainwright,

Franchise Owner,
Subway Warwick

“Barbara was overwhelmed with her new seat and thinks it is wonderful and in particular wanted to comment on the contractor Karl, who was lovely to her, taking the time of day to have a chat.”
Sandra Roberts,

Coordinator Property Management,
City of Joondalup

“I would like to extend a warm thank you to yStop for supporting our Vinnies shops with outdoor advertising.”
Carl Prowse,

Executive Manager,
St Vincent de Paul