Amazing research outcome from Mohamed Ali’s PhD project

Mohamed Ali  completed 2 years of foundational research with Murdoch University.

He is now based in Melbourne and works for yStop together  with Dr Giles Oatley from Federation University. Both Dr Giles Oatley and Mohamed are available for all research and development work that the City of Casey would like to undertake. Mohamed’s area of study relates to smart cities with particular expertise in co-located crowd measurement/waste sensor configurations.

The first dataset of its type.
“Wifi-Based Localisation Dataset for No-GPS Open Areas Using Smart Bins”.

We offer two datasets publicly. The first is MurdochBushCourtLoC-FP dataset in which four users generated 16,032 accurate and consistently labelled WiFi fingerprints for all available Reference Points (RPs) in a central and busy area of Murdoch University, known as Bush Court. The second is the MurdochBushCourtLoC-AP dataset that includes 2,450,865 auto-generated records received from 1,000 users’ devices, including the four users, associated with Wifi signal strengths.

To overcome the Wifi coverage problem for the Bush Court, we attached our previously designed Wireless Sensor Nodes (WSNs) to existing garbage bins, enabling them to provide real-time environmental sensing and act as soft APs that sense MAC addresses and Wifi signals from surrounding devices.

Many thanks to all authors/contributors:

  1. The supervisors/Ph.D. sponsor for their ultimate/continuous support Polychronis Koutsakis, Peter Cole, Giles Oatley, Len Luxford.
  2. Master Students without their contribution this work could be achieved Mahmud Hasan, Ibrahim Khan, Azifa Rumy, Md Mesbahul Hasan.

The work is jointly supported by:

  1. Murdoch University and Global Smart Cities (
  2. The Science Industry Phd Fellowship Program of the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation, Government of Western Australia.

Read a more detailed description of Mohamed’s Phd Project research data:
MurdochBushCourtLoC: Wifi-Based Localisation Datasets for No-GPS Open Areas Using Smart Bins

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about Mohamed’s work with yStop.

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