How to make your brand more visible

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Despite rising costs of petrol, groceries, utilities and more, Australians are expected to spend $64 billion in retail sales in this year’s pre-Christmas period.

Unsurprisingly, the eight weeks from November 1st to December 24th is the highest period of consumer spending in the calendar year.

This mean the next few weeks are crucial for small businesses to be front-of-mind when people are making purchasing decisions.

But how can you make sure customers choose your products or services over your competitors?

Simple – be seen in the right place, at the right time.
Here are our top tips for doing that:

How to make Your Small Business More Visible this Festive Season.

Increase your paid advertising.

Let’s cut to the chase. Now is the time to capitalise on the massive increase in consumer spending by getting your brand or business in front of people.

Increasing your ad spend for the next month is the most effective way of ensuring you’re the first agent, brand or business that people think of when they go to buy. And don’t forget the power of being seen in residential areas or side streets – while these may get less traffic than main roads, it means there’s less clutter to compete with and each ad will stand out in people’s minds.

Host an in-person event.

To increase brand awareness – which ultimately drives sales – events are still one of the most popular activities. A festive sundowner or family picnic (think face painting and giant Jenga for easy entertainment options) at your office is a softer, more enjoyable way of exposing people to your products or services rather than hard selling.

But just a tip – skip anything virtual when it comes to social events. They may have been a decent way to legitimise quaffing wine at 4pm in your trackies at home during Covid, but not anymore. Nurturing connections face-to-face has far greater impact for sales-focused marketing spend.

Run a competition or giveaway.

Everyone loves a freebie. Choose one of your most popular products or services and promote it on your social media page in exchange for people commenting on or sharing (not liking – the algorithms need more than that these days to increase engagement) your post.

Admittedly you’ll attract some people only in it for the prize who’ll unfollow you afterwards, so this isn’t a viable long-term strategy. But it’s useful in the short term to boost the number of eyes on your business.

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