Why out-of-home advertising?

Out-of-home advertising is effective because it works every day – without interruption.

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The ‘Recommender’ Tool

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How it works

1. Choose a site

Select an area and the street furniture assets you would like to advertise on. Try our Recommender Tool to find available assets.

2. Organise artwork

You can provide print ready artwork or one of our in-house designers can create a custom ad just for you.
Get in touch with our design team for print specifications.

3. Print & install

We’ll get your ad printed and installed quickly thanks to our dedicated production and maintenance teams.

Advertising products


Meet seats

Seat Advertising

  • Landscape orientation
  • Anti-graffiti lamination
  • Comfortable & stylish
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Front and back panel available

Smart bins

Bin Advertising

  • Stylish & functional
  • Standard and illuminated (24/7) panels available
  • Solar-powered
  • No power cables
  • New RAY® and TOM® compacting bins now available

Bus shelters

Bus Shelter Advertising

  • Portrait orientation
  • Vivid colours
  • Clear and eye-catching
  • Standard and illuminated (24/7) panels available
  • High visibility day & night

Bus shelter, bin, and seat advertising offers numerous benefits for local, national and global businesses seeking increased audience exposure through out-of-home advertising. These versatile mediums provide unique advantages that can make a significant impact on brand awareness and customer engagement.

Bus shelter advertising allows organisations to grab the attention of a captive audience waiting for public transportation, as well as traffic passing by, ensuring high visibility and prolonged exposure. Bin advertising strategically places brand messaging in high-traffic areas, maximising impressions and creating brand recall. Seat advertising offers a targeted approach, allowing businesses to reach pedestrians and passersby directly. We at yStop have had great success in promoting unique, effective hyperlocal ad campaigns utilising bin, bus and seat ads.

These out-of-home advertising solutions act as constant reminders of a business’s presence, fostering familiarity, trust, and recognition among the local community. By leveraging bus shelter, bin, and seat advertising, advertisers can effectively extend their reach, enhance local visibility, and drive increased foot traffic, ultimately leading to greater audience exposure and business growth.

Value to you

Out-of-home advertising is effective because it works every day – without interruption.
No changing channels, no ad blockers, no page turning. It is there. And it can be used powerfully to engage all of the community.



Targeted reach

Target customers in your local area with one of the most trusted, effective and consistent advertising mediums.

Increase community visibility

Your brand is everything. Strengthen brand awareness and be the first business customers think of when they decide to purchase.

Quality maintenance

Our dedicated maintenance team and anti-graffiti lamination means your ads and associated furniture will always be clean and maintained.


Maximum exposure

Reach up to 60,000 passengers a day where they live and work on some of Perth and Melbourne’s busiest roads.


Be seen 24/7

Promote your message day and night with stylish, illuminated ads that can’t be swiped away, turned off or closed down.

Affordable advertising

Get full-colour, easy-to-read ads at eye level with affordability designed for small local businesses.

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Community Partnership Program

Community is at the heart of all we do

To help those making a significant contribution, we launched our Community Partnership Program in 2019.
As a business, you simply nominate a local charity or service then we’ll work together to create a message of support (that includes your business logo),
we’ll print and install the ad, then we’ll run the ad for at least 3 months for free (total value over $1,600).

Be Inspired Foundation

Providing the opportunity for disadvantaged youth in WA with long term impairments to improve their quality of life.

Donor Mate

Raising awareness about organ donation and encouraging more people to register to become donors.


Works hard to assist people in need and combat social injustice across Australia.

Perth Projects

A new initiative bringing government, business and community projects together.