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We provide stylish, functional infrastructure that enhances public spaces and helps you meet smart city targets.

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Maintaining Street Furniture Assets

At yStop, we offer comprehensive street furniture asset maintenance solutions for local government authorities. With our dedicated maintenance team, we prioritise prompt and responsive service to ensure that your community’s street furniture remains in top condition. As part of our commitment, we pay local government authorities for advertising rights, allowing them to generate additional revenue while we handle the maintenance tasks.

By leveraging our expertise in advertising, we sell ad space strategically and in line with all relevant advertising policies, in order to cover the costs of street furniture maintenance. With yStop, you can enhance your community’s infrastructure, generate revenue, and ensure a well-maintained environment, all while maximising the potential of your advertising assets. We provide exceptional service delivery to residents without disrupting local government staff schedules – reducing the pressure on in-house resources.

Proven & trusted

Australian-owned and operated, yStop draws on 20 years in-field experience working with local governments, urban planners and facilities managers to develop cost-effective solutions that serve the needs of communities.


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Our business model is funded by local businesses displaying advertising messages. This advertising space can also serve as a platform to promote public education campaigns, events in the community and raise the profile of local charitable organisations as part of our Community Partnership Program.


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Market-leading tech

Sense air quality and monitor crowd movement. Increase road and public safety with field sensors. Increase community engagement with mobile wayfinding. Do it all with our leading IOT health and safety software and tools.


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Quality maintenance

Provided at no cost to local government, we provide regular maintenance inspections and high-powered furniture cleaning ensuring all assets are well maintained and kept free of graffiti.

You can report, track and manage maintenance reports with our market-leading online Recommender Tool dashboard. Also, now problems can be reported with just one click from a phone. Our ‘OneClick’ QR portal makes it super easy for anyone to report asset issues, with no fuss.

Recommender Tool

Helping you do more

Community Connectors

We dedicate permanent space to local charity and council events to raise awareness – and make a difference – in your community. Our Recommender system makes this easy suggesting matches for local business such as:

Be Inspired Foundation

Providing the opportunity for disadvantaged youth in WA with long term impairments to improve their quality of life.

Donor Mate

Raising awareness about organ donation and encouraging more people to register to become donors.


Works hard to assist people in need and combat social injustice across Australia.

Perth Projects

A new initiative bringing government, business and community projects together.