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Smart + heart. How do you connect a community with bins?

It’s about waste – sort of…

25 shiny new ‘Pulse’ smart bins have now been tested and are ready to go for the Town of Mosman Park.

They’re smart – in fact they’re the first in Australia to feature patented waste/environmental sensing tech but – what we like most – they’ll be telling the story of this community.
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Community smart bins are rolling out in Mosman Park

Australia’s first ‘smart’ community medium is being introduced to the streets of Mosman Park.

Pulse’ uses a world-first approach to the smart city, combining community engagement with cleantech.

  • Fully customised Council dashboard
  • Australian-first community engagement tech
  • Dedicated yStop community engagement staff
  • Data-driven maintenance program and
  • Recyclable community promotion panels
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How to Win an Ultramarathon?

Shane Johnston has gone and won an ultramarathon in Europe.

We posted earlier in the year about Caversham local, Shane Johnston undertaking the challenge of running 1000kms of the Bibbulmun Track in 10 days. Well now he has gone and won an ultramarathon in Europe.

It took Shane just 16 hours and 41 minutes to win the epic race, with steep elevations between some of Europe’s tallest mountains from Italy to Switzerland. He felt it took a determined mindset to run the 100km ultramarathon. Keeping a positive mindset and only focusing on the little things that he could control.

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