Safer, hands-free waste management

In the current state of the world, cleanliness is at the forefront of government strategy and operation.

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New tech offers clearer, easier-to-read ads

Opaque signs with a semi-transparent viewing strip…

make shelter advertising easier to read without compromising on bus stop patron visibility.

For the first time, roadside advertising company yStop is offering new bus shelter advertising panels that offer more clarity and visibility during the day and night.

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Amazing research outcome from Mohamed Ali’s PhD project

The first dataset of its type.

“Wifi-Based Localisation Dataset for No-GPS Open Areas Using Smart Bins”.

We offer two datasets publicly. The first is MurdochBushCourtLoC-FP dataset in which four users generated 16,032 accurate and consistently labelled WiFi fingerprints for all available Reference Points (RPs) in a central and busy area of Murdoch University, known as Bush Court.

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The latest What3words developments

There are two new exciting tech developments that have just been released through what3words…

the navigation technology that we use to locate our street furniture.

We can now speak 3-word locations using the app, rather than use traditional addresses. This way any of the team can quickly find sites whether they are identified or not.

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