Celebrating Naidoc Week with a Greater Understanding

Noongar language and culture are now easily accessible through a great free online course.

The online course is currently available to teach Noongar language, cultural knowledge on bush tucker and medicines and the importance of connection to country. A range of Noongar guides also share their unique experiences and knowledge with students.

The Noongar people are the original inhabitants of the South West of Western Australia and have lived here for over 45,000 years.

Rachel our production manager and designer has signed up for the course run through Edx and Curtin University. So far she is really enjoying her journey into Noongar culture.

“This course is a wonderful introduction to Noongar culture and ‘waangkaniny’ (language), one of the most endangered Indigenous languages of Australia.”



Rachel originated from Ireland and is very interested in the links between her native Irish language and the Noongar language.

She is learning how Noongar language is intimately connected to ‘boodja’ (country). For example, the Noongar word for river – ‘bilya’ – also means umbilical cord, illustrating how Noongar culture sees nature playing a vital role in our lives.

She feels that your connection to culture is intrinsically linked to your language and feels it is important to remember that both languages survived attempted eradication.

“It’s important that all West Australians – indigenous and non-indigenous – work together to ensure this beautiful language and culture survives.”



Here at yStop we are very aware of the importance of cultural understanding. It’s an entrenched  part of our company culture. Our director did the academic thing at ECU gaining a BA in Intercultural Communications but we’re all active in this great multicultural Perth community – be it Irish, Italian, Egyptian or Aboriginal.

We celebrate Naidoc Week wholeheartedly with our indigenous sisters and brothers, by learning more about their culture and values. And we’ve got an idea that will help share the language – check it out here.

Please check out the course here and get involved today: edx.org.
Also plan your Naidoc Week events today: www.naidoc.org.au.


Images: edx website, NAIDOC website – Cheryl Moggs
Reference: edx, Noongar Language and Culture (2018, July 10).
Retrieved from https://www.edx.org/course/noongar-language-and-culture

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