Our tech = cleaner council

Our focus for councils is providing and maintaining street furniture to help enhance public spaces and meet smart city targets, but our business also has a strong

Our mobile app MyStop, developed by our in-house software team, helps our maintenance staff sort, complete and report on tasks quickly and accurately.

For example, the app has a built-in map display so while in the field our maintenance team doesn’t have to toggle out to an external maps app and back again. It sounds simple, but with hundreds of maintenance jobs completed every week, this time-saving function means sites in your council area are kept clean and graffiti-free faster and more efficiently.

To protect and serve (council furniture, that is)

So, who’s actually using that smart tech? That would be our growing maintenance team, comprising the highly experienced Carl and Filipe who have recently been joined by Joel and Jordan. 

The two extra sets of hands mean the furniture in your area is in the best shape it can be, keeping your constituents happy and reflecting well on your council.

Our new office revealed

To cater for our growing business, at the end of 2021 we embarked on an ambitious project:transforming an empty building shell into a new office space from the ground up.

In just 8 weeks, we left our small two-room office space in Mount Hawthorn and opened the doors to our brand new headquarters in Osborne Park.

Our beautiful new space includes corporate premises for both yStop and its sister company Matter (comprising two office spaces, a tech lab and boardroom), a warehouse for our maintenance team and a spacious foyer to greet and meet clients.

There are still a few final touches to add, but in the meantime yStop owner Len has even snuck in a dedicated space for a turntable. (With his formative years spent in Melbourne in the 80s, we knew it was impossible not to have some way to pay tribute to Midnight Oil on a weekly basis at least…)

See our recent Case Studies for more info about our council projects.

For more information contact Len on 0411 810 411.

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