Casey’s first time solar compacting bins

We have rolled out new solar compacting bins in City of Casey, to help clean up the area and beautify it.

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Joondalup total upgrade

The City of Joondalup has completely replaced all of its 40 yr old street-side seat stock. From 8 applicants the City chose yStop’s ‘Meet’.

Just over 300 of these ‘smart ready’ DDA compliant seats have now been installed throughout the City – to acclaim. And they will be maintained forever – all without cost to the City or the community.

yStop recently teamed up with the City of Joondalup to supply prime locations for a community based campaign focusing on Emerging from the Covid pandemic.

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Waste innovation comes to Casey

Sustainability technology companies yStop and Matter are pleased to announce the signing of a commercial contract with the City of Casey in Victoria.

The contract will give the City of Casey smart waste sensors and solar bin surrounds, with real-time data and software. Installing Australia’s most advanced waste system that will help improve waste collection efficiencies, lower costs and reduce litter across key public spaces. Data collected – including bin volumes, collection times and days, fill levels and estimated CO2– will initially be used to improve waste collection rosters and routes, and reduce costs.

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When the best suburbs demand the best

Town of Mosman Park smart bin upgrades – ‘higher level benefits’

The Town of Mosman Park has one of the highest per capita incomes of any Council in Australia. Expectations can, therefore, be very high in this exclusive area. It is also one of the most punishing, metal-rusting climates in WA being situated between ‘river and sea’ in what is one of the windiest headlands not only in Australia but anywhere in the world (Leighton Beach is a renowned global kite-surfing hotspot).

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