Joondalup total upgrade

The City of Joondalup has completely replaced all of its 40 yr old street-side seat stock. From 8 applicants the City chose yStop’s ‘Meet’.

Just over 300 of these ‘smart ready’ DDA compliant seats have now been installed throughout the City – to acclaim. And they will be maintained forever – all without cost to the City or the community.

yStop recently teamed up with the City of Joondalup to supply prime locations for a community based campaign focusing on Emerging from the Covid pandemic.


Performance Review

The City provided feedback to yStop on the roll out to date and was highly complimentary of the overall communication and professionalism experienced throughout the implementation process. Whilst minor issues were encountered, such as verge space and sight lines, overall the process was considered in a very positive light.


The Joondalup rollout was completed on schedule on the 25th Feb 2020.

… Fantastic news! Well done everyone. Also received a great compliment from one of our Elected Members today on how great the benches are looking around the City. Nice work.’


‘…your benches look amazing – we get a lot of feedback from the community who just love them.’

Ms Sandra Roberts
Coordinator Property Management
City of Joondalup 31/12/19


DDA Comliance

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