Our ‘Community Connectors’ website

The first of its type – anywhere from what we can tell.

It complements our community business model that is a very different approach involving a ‘shared value’ approach where a company is tagged, rather than advertised, as a sponsor of a purpose campaign (for CBD’s) and as a matched approach for the suburbs.

It is expected that this website will present our small business partners with a quick way of matching – and hopefully supporting – one of a 100+ charities in their area

We will provide the furniture space on an annual and permanent basis. The business will be able to provide the signage (or purchase from us at cost) and be tagged on-site and on the Recommended website.

An advanced version of the system will allow city’s, for example, to rotate 104 campaigns over a year (2 sides with weekly changeover) such as those found on the AND website https://www.and.org.au/ pages/disability-related-events- calendar.html

We have trialled the system in the City of Canning to great effect. Campaigns are informative and well received allowing valuable public awareness for many NFP’s – without cost The sponsor pays $79 for the week and gains website acknowledgement. This is space that would not otherwise be affordable. Everyone benefits. Meet quickly accepts new campaigns with an average five minute changeover

This new website will make finding the best charitable fit for small businesses much easier

More Projects

Casey’s first time solar compacting bins

We have rolled out new solar compacting bins in City of Casey, to help clean up the area and beautify it.
The bins are a great upgrade to the old standard metal waste bins, as they feature cool new smart technology like solar power, remote monitoring and the compacting element which is 85% more efficient with waste and carbon emission reductions.

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Joondalup total upgrade

The City of Joondalup has completely replaced all of its 40 yr old street-side seat stock. From 8 applicants the City chose yStop’s ‘Meet’. Just over 300 of these ‘smart

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Waste innovation comes to Casey

Sustainability technology companies Matter and yStop are pleased to announce the signing of a commercial contract with the City of Casey in Victoria. The contract will give the City of

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When the best suburbs demand the best

Town of Mosman Park smart bin upgrades – ‘higher level benefits’ The Town of Mosman Park has one of the highest per capita incomes of any Council in Australia. Expectations

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Stirling meets seat

Meet was recently tested by competitive Tender in the City of Stirling. Stirling undertook a year long review, receiving submissions from around Australia and put all designs to a panel of

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Meet – accessibility and inclusion

Meet brings people together – literally. It has been designed to give people with disabilities greater confidence and freedom and somewhere to sit – with others. In a world-first approach Meet

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