Community Smart Bins Are Rolling Out in Mosman Park

Australia’s first ‘smart’ community medium is being introduced to the streets of Mosman Park. ‘Pulse’ uses a world-first approach to the smart city, combining community engagement with cleantech.

Pulse combines a patented waste sensing system with:

  • Fully customised Council dashboard
  • Australian-first community engagement tech
  • Dedicated yStop community engagement staff
  • Data-driven maintenance program and
  • Recyclable community promotion panels

All without cost to Council or the Mosman Park community. Pulse, in fact, provides an income stream for the community and saves big infrastructure, maintenance and technology costs.

Pulse has been designed by award-winning,  furniture designer Daniel So and a team of Perth based technologists.

Bay view Park

Community Value

Previously smart bins have been installed at great cost to local councils. The Mosman Park community, however, will be the  first in Australia to benefit from smart infrastructure that is funded by – and supports – local business. They will also support local charity / NFP’s and sporting clubs with permanent free panel promo’s at each site.

The ‘smarts’ will allow the Council to remotely monitor waste levels,  service frequencies and even whether a unit is off-axis (vandalised or run over). Pulse can also be fitted with environmental modules (think diesel emissions) for use in neighbouring schools or citizen science projects. All  solar powered – giving life-long power to the sensors and positive-reinforcement to Mosman Park’s sustainable aims.

Watch this space for the latest updates from Mosman Park as we begin the community programs over the coming weeks (and get in touch if you would like to trial Pulse in your council or shopping centre).


Watch this space for the latest updates from Mosman Park as we begin the community programs over the coming weeks, please get in touch if you would like to trial Pulse in your council or shopping centre.

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