The Recommender – Ad + Social Impact

Every Day of The Year

Out-of-home advertising is effective because it works every day – without interruption.
No remote, no swiping, no page turning. It is there. And it can be used powerfully to
engage all of the community


In Portrait

Modular – larger AO portrait sized frames.
Pulse – smaller frames but more of them – and closer to the street

From as low as $59 per week (ex. GST)



In Landscape

Meet – for the broad view (usually 1800w and usually at street-edge).

Ask about our landscape shelter options.

From as low as $59 per week (ex. GST)

‘Modular’ Bus Shelter

  • ClearVue solar
  • Dwell community updates
  • Climate responsive

Coming Soon

‘Meet’ Bench

  • Quick-change landscape panels
  • Laminated, reflective
  • Smart looks
  • Close to kerb

From as low as
$59 per week
(ex. GST)

‘Pulse’ Bin

  • Backlit art
  • 3 panels
  • Roadside
  • Portrait

From as low as
$59 per week
(ex. GST)

Helping you do more

Community Connectors

We dedicate permanent space to local charity and council events to raise awareness –
and make a difference – in your community. Our Recommender system makes this easy
suggesting matches for local business such as:

Be Inspired Foundation

Providing the opportunity for disadvantaged youth in WA with long term impairments to improve their quality of life.

Donor Mate

Raising awareness about organ donation and encouraging more people to register to become donors.


Works hard to assist people in need and combat social injustice across Australia.

Perth Projects

A new initiative bringing government, business and community projects together.

Learn More

Email us about becoming a community partner today.