Smart design + useful technology

We use some of the world’s best furniture designers who embed the most useful – and interesting – technology.

Hardware products

Our street furniture is build to last with anti-graffiti coating, a solid stainless steel construction and fully maintained.
Costs are offset by local advertising.



Smart design

Meet is a great community member. Comfortable, charitable and supportive (even talkative – ask us how). One of your best neighbours.

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Renewable creative energy

Pulse – a lot more than a bin surround. The most efficient promoter of
productivity, public health.
public health.

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Illuminated shelters shine

If you want your advert to stand out, try our Illuminated Shelters.
The shelters are modern, large format and promote your ad by day and lit up at night.



Australia’s best compactor bins

RAY® and TOM® are the toughest and most advanced compacting solutions for any busy space.

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Software products

Our digital applications can help sense air quality and crowd movement, increase road and public safety with field sensors, increase community engagement with new tech and help with public wayfinding.



Air quality

The newly developed sensor measures up to eight air parameters and can relay relevant information to an app.


Open Sensing

Help business use real-life, real-time and factual data to help guide their decisions.

Aero Ranger

Technology to enhance road safety using Edge AI.



For the hearing impaired HLP offers particular advantages in providing the freedom to experience –
and enjoy – community events independently.



Markr helps promote local events and businesses through mobile phones.

Asset management

The Recommender helps to easily find street furniture on our citywide maps, see top recommended sites and connect with local charities.