We are Setting Out to Give Kids Greater ‘eSteam’.

In a unique marriage of tech (what we’re terming ‘real-world IoT‘) with a global connection kids will now be able to not only compare data but learn stories first hand from around the world.

A new type of company – committed to an outward looking, real-world STEAM curricula.

The project is about tech but, moreover, universal languages including science and maths.

It is about the condition we all share – the human condition.

It is about the veracity of:

  • scientific accuracy
  • undiluted truth (and not the noise around them) and
  • the possibility of many local & distant connections.

It will achieve these primarily through:

  • Pulse which will be the connection to the community
  • Dashboard – connection to the world.

Importantly this in NOT about advertising and comes to the school on a strict sponsorship-only
support model.

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